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What can I get for you today? 

Hello, welcome to LFR!

We have 2 meal plans and we'll give you advice on the amount, timing, and variety of meals based on your weight goals and your tests with us!  Call us ASAP!


Our Meals


Healthy Meal Plan

Make three types of meat each day, including staples. Use low-salt, low-calorie, low-fat, and chemical-free cooking methods. (Good for people who need weight management for a long-term)

Each Bowl Include:
150g       Brown Rice/Noodle/Potato

120g-150g                  Meat
3-4 types                     Veggies
Egg                            Optional
Fruit                           Optional

with Calorie-Wise sauces

Approximately 500-550 Cal


Fitness Meal Plan

We will specifically select three types of lean meat and brown rice to create your meal plan (For those who want to achieve certain results in a short period of time)

Each Bowl Include:

150g                    Brown Rice

120g                    Meat
3-4 types               Veggies
Egg                      Optional
Fruit                      Optional
Sauce                   Optional


Approximately 450-500 Cal


Lifestyle premium Meal

Our chefs will select three high-quality dishes every week to create Asian fusion cuisine, which is a triple enjoyment of sight/taste and health.

Each Bowl Include:

Calorie-Wise sauces
Egg                        Optional
Fruit                        Optional


Approximately 450-550 Cal

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